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After closing the Indoor Soccer Center in November 2018, many are wondering what’s next for the Peninsula Metropolitan Park District and indoor recreation on the Gig Harbor Peninsula.

A Vibrant Tradition:
The Indoor Soccer Center was generously leased from Tacoma Screw Products for over 5 years—providing residents of the Gig Harbor Peninsula with a variety of recreation activities. From birthday parties and sports leagues, to youth camps and community events, the Indoor Soccer Center will be remembered for its impact on over 65,000 youth and family members annually.

A Promising Future:
The District has identified the development of a new Community Recreation Center as an immediate priority. Through extensive community survey work and participant feedback, over 85% of respondents have indicated a strong desire for additional indoor recreation opportunities—particularly during the dark winter months and Pacific Northwest rain season.

Several properties and construction options were considered for a new recreation amenities, with the District ultimately entering into a Purchase & Sale Agreement to develop the current Performance Golf site located at 2416 14th Ave NW, Gig Harbor, WA.

Through now and mid-September 2019, the District will conduct a feasibility study to determine whether to move forward with the purchase and development of the site.

Want to Learn More?
We are excited to share information and news related to this project. Please check back soon for updates and stay-tuned for upcoming opportunities to help plan the future of indoor recreation in Gig Harbor.

• Project Introduction – Community Recreation Center at Performance Golf


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