PenMet Parks

Serving the Greater Peninsula Metropolitan area.

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Classes and Activities!

Join us as we learn, laugh and make friends! Offering a wide variety of classes and activities for every skill set, we strive to fit your household needs! Click below to find out more!


Choose Your Adventure!

Get ready for the most funfilled Summer yet! From art to athletics, we have something for EVERYONE! 


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Art Camps and Classes!

From beginner to the most advanced; let your inner artist go wild in our specially designed art camps and classes!


Ballet: Tots on Their Toes!

Students will be learning the very basics of ballet. This includes: how to point your toes, tendu's, plié's and other basic moves. At the end of all dance classes we play Freeze Tag and stickers are always given out. We will also be learning a dance that will be completed at the end of six weeks. This is when students will put on a mini performance for all the parents to showcase the skills that they have learned.



Coach Lisa has been involved with gymnastics for over 25 years. Harbor Gymnastics provides effective, fundamental gymnastics instruction during the early childhood years with emphasis on proper technique and strength in a fun, safe environment.

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Join Coach Kae for QuickStart Tennis - an exciting format for learning tennis, designed to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, short court dimensions and modified scoring, all tailored to age and size. 6 sessions.



PenMet Parks is happy to offer golf for all ages!

Check back in Spring for Classes & Activities!


Archery class is a place for youth to have fun while learning to shoot a bow and arrow. This class will feature an introduction to various types of archery gear, safety instructions, learning how to shoot properly, practicing, and also a team competition.