PenMet Parks

Serving the Greater Peninsula Metropolitan area.


Kopachuck Heights

Location: This property is located immediately east and adjacent to Voyager Elementary School on the Gig Harbor Peninsula.

Description: This 18-acre park was a Former Common School Trust Land, this property was transferred to PenMet Parks for parks and recreational use from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources through the State Trust Land Transfer Program.

Common School Trust Lands have been used to assist the funding of public schools as income producing properties in many cases through the regular harvesting of timber. Some of these trust lands have developed low income producing potential due to factors such as steep, unstable slopes, critical fish and wildlife habitat, public use demands, environmental and social concerns. Through legislation, the state deposits the timber or easement and land values of these properties into special accounts to continue to support the Common School Trust.

Since 1989, over $538 million has been appropriated to fund the Trust Land Transfer Program resulting in the transfer of over 79,000 acres of Common School Trust property with low revenue producing capabilities to other public agencies or programs for protection of these valuable recreational assets.



Location: Approximately 14600-14th Avenue NW, Gig Harbor

Description: Maplewood Park is a 36-acre high-bank waterfront site with 1,000 lineal feet of shoreline. Presently undeveloped and acquired through a long-term lease with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources.


Peninsula Gardens

Location: 5003 Wollochet Dr and Filmore Dr NW

Description: Peninsula Gardens was acquired in 2010. The 10 acre site is currently home to the Gig Harbor Farmer's Market  


Wollochet Bay Estuary

Location: This multiple parcel conservancy is located on the north end of Wollochet Drive NW, Gig Harbor, between Lagoon Lane and East Bay Drive. 

Description: Wollochet Bay Estuary Park is a 20.3-acre area with 854 linear feet of shoreline including the confluence of Artondale Creek with the saltwater marsh and estuary area of Wollochet Bay.


Peter’s Pond

Location: 82nd Avenue NW & Rosedale Street, Arletta

Description: Peter's Pond is a 1-acre forested riparian habitat that also contains salt water frontage on Lay Inlet at high tide. There currently is no formal developed access to the site although an access easement is available.