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Administrative and Recreation Offices: Our offices are located at 55717 Wollochet Drive NW #3 Gig Harbor, Washington 9833. Please visit us Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm.

Upcoming Board Meetings Meetings of the PenMet Parks Board of Commissioners are generally scheduled for the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 6:15 p.m. and are held at the Gig Harbor City Hall Council Chambers 3510 Grandview St, Gig Harbor, WA 98335.

For a full list of upcoming board meetings and events; please visit our calendar page here.

Occasionally holidays, the anticipation of greater public participation or special presentations may make it necessary to hold meetings at different dates, times or locations. Please check this site for such changes, cancellations, and also for announcements of Special Meetings.

A five-member Board of Park Commissioners governs the Peninsula Metropolitan Park District (PenMet Parks) and is the policy determining body for the District.

For more information on how to submit a public records request please contact us at [email protected]

Peninsula Metropolitan Park District regularly accepts inquiries and responses for projects. Please see the information below on current projects. 


Current projects:

  • RFQ Announcement Hales Pass Renovation Project
    • PenMet Parks is soliciting interest and qualifications from a firm with expertise in Electrical, Plumbing, and ADA Engineering, Planning, Design and Construction to perform preliminary engineering and prepare final project plans, and cost estimates for a building renovation project at Hale Pass Park Community Center (Arletta School House), located at 9218 ‐ 36th St NW & Ray Nash Drive, Gig Harbor. The facility is a 2800 sq. ft. (1400 main floor and 1400 basement) 1938 WPA building.

Levy Lid Lift

About the Levy Lid Lift and results:

The PenMet Parks Board of Commissioners thanks the citizens of the District for their support over the past year:

• Levy Lid Lift Approved by 54% of voters

  • 2018 Comprehensive Parks Recreation and Open Space Plan with Over 100 citizens involved in Focus Group and Planning Sessions
    Over 700 citizens responding to the Comp Plan Survey
  • PenMet Recreation Programs
    Over 8,500 participants in 350 youth, teen, and adult recreation programs
  • Special Events
    Over 15,000 attendees at the Spring Easter Egg Hunt, Food Truck Feast, Scarecrow Festival and Breakfast with Santa.
    Our sincerest “Thank You” for your support!



In 2004, you approved the formation of the Peninsula Metropolitan Park District (PenMet Parks) and for more than a decade, PenMet Parks has been acquiring, developing, operating and maintaining parks and facilities throughout the community.  PenMet Parks has also developed a variety of recreation programs to serve the various populations and interests of the community.  An overview of our current parks, facilities and programs is available on our website.


Growing Population & Survey

Our population has been growing at the rate of approximately 2% per year.  In order to better understand the present and future demands of our community, we recently conducted a survey requesting information regarding your park and recreation needs.  A copy of the survey results is available at www.PenMetParks.org/about/projects-and-updates.  The survey respondents asked that PenMet Parks provide additional parks, recreation facilities, more access to Puget Sound, enhanced trails and greenspaces, and recreation programs serving seniors and people in our vulnerable populations.


Comprehensive Planning

We continue to seek public input for our planning and as recently as September 19 we conducted a meeting with the public to review PenMet Parks’ progress on its Comprehensive Plan Update.  The Comprehensive Plan is intended to guide PenMet Parks’ efforts to provide high quality, community-driven parks, trails and programs.  Information regarding the current PenMet Parks’ Comprehensive Plan is available below.


Effects of Inflation versus Levy Lid

In addition to our growing population and requests for parks and services, our operational and maintenance costs are increasing at the rate of more than 2% per year.  However, PenMet Parks is subject to a 1% “lid” or maximum increase in its annual levy.  Consequently, every year on average our population size and the costs of operation are increasing faster than the levy increases.  This has resulted in a significant financial imbalance best illustrated by the difference between PenMet Parks’ authorized levy rate and its present effective levy rate.

In 2004, when you approved the formation of PenMet Parks, you approved a property tax levy of $0.75 per $1000 of assessed property value.  The 1% per year levy lid has reduced the effective levy rate to about $0.56 per $1000 and that limits PenMet Parks’ ability to provide the facilities and programs requested by the community.  If the levy lid lift is approved, the levy rate you authorized in 2004 would be restored for 2018 through 2023, subject to a limit factor for each year.  A technical discussion of levy rates can be found at www.PenMetParks.org/about/projects-and-updates.


The Future

The additional funds from the annual levy would be used to fund the increasing operational and maintenance costs and to advance the community’s needs and priorities.  To better understand how PenMet Parks uses its funds, our 2017 budget can be found here: www.PenMetParks.org/about/projects-and-updates.

We hope you find this information to be helpful.  For any questions please email [email protected].


Levy Lid Lift Resolution Title Explanation

Technical Discussion of Levies

2017 Survey Results

2018 Comprehensive Parks, Recreation & Open Space Plan

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