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Facilities and Rentals

Ron Martinez

Parks & Facilities Manager

(253) 313-5093

Justin Perry

Facilities Coordinator & Grounds Specialist

(253) 313-5094


Doug Nelson

Executive Director

(253) 858-3400

Elaine Sorensen

Finance & Human Resources Manager

(253) 858-3400 Ext. 1223

Eric Guenther

Planning & Special Projects Manager

(253) 858-3400 Ext. 1222

Stacie Snuffin

Administrative Assistant

(253) 858-3400 Ext. 1221

Chuck Cuzzetto

Marketing Specialist

(253) 888-0645


Michael Schick

Recreation Manager

(253) 649-0349

Kelly Darling

Special Event Coordinator

(253) 649-0350

Spencer Manjarrez

Recreation Specialist - Sports

(253) 649-0347

Aiden Krug

Facilities Coordinator

(253) 313-5090

Denise Tremblay

Adaptive Recreation Program

(253) 858-3400


Ron Martinez

Parks & Facilities Manager

(253) 313-5093

Robert Swenson

Lead Grounds Specialist

(253) 858-3400 Ext. 1229

Ed Lewis

Construction Project Manager

(253) 858-3400

Additional PenMet Contacts

Adam Thomsen <[email protected]>
Aiden Krug <[email protected]>
Chuck Cuzzetto <[email protected]>
Denise Tremblay <[email protected]>
Elaine Sorensen <[email protected]>
Eric Guenther <[email protected]>
Garrett Lindberg <[email protected]>
Doug Nelson <[email protected]>
Kelly Darling <[email protected]>
Michael Schick <[email protected]>
Commissioners <[email protected]>
Recreation <[email protected]>
Robert Swenson <[email protected]>
Ron Martinez <[email protected]>
Sandra Kern <[email protected]>
Spencer Manjarrez <[email protected]>

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